Tick tock

tick tock
pick a frock
matching socks
and shining rocks


Moon eye

Half lidded glowing moon eye
Corneal craters and lunar lakes
Gazing from deep black sky


Be you

Be brave
Be confident
Be you

Believe in yourself. You are amazing. You are creative. You are the best you can be. Love the world and everything in it. Help yourself first so you can help others. You are important. Understand what makes you happy and do it whenever you can. If it is good for your soul, then do it. Reframe negatives into positives, it is often about how you look at things. Look after yourself it will make all the difference. Get outside in the sunshine whenever you can. Spend lots of time with people who make you happy. Touch your loved ones often. try to be grateful for, and satisfied, with everything you have. Drink plenty of water. Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back, you are doing a great job. Embrace your mistakes, they teach you. The more you fail the better you become. Your dream life is playing out right now. Strive for nothing else but happiness in the moment. Do things that make you laugh. Take chances, conquer your fears, it will make you feel fantastic. Understand yourself, you are shaped by your past. Let your emotions flow, let them wash over you and they will go. Express them without restraint, you will feel better. Be mindful. Find joy and share it round. Life is wondrous.


It is simply complicated
There is no one or zero
Just everything in between

We are matter aggregated
Just be an armadillo
With infinite ring benzene

Even super educated
Human is a minow
Battling, struggling swimming upstream

Life’s wondrous instigation
Growing like a willow
The paradigm fluxing unseen

You may not feel the indignation
A single milieux
Surface smoothed by codeine

Subconscious​ manipulations
Thought dominated by ego
Transient transports for our proteins

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Black mood black beer black toast black bovril black night black dress black jack black star black nun black bum black rum black bun black fun black pun black fruit black beach black batch black fly black hole black worm black world black mould black mum black dad black mad black sad black glad black run black gun blackness it’s catching 

Night Terror

Gripped by fear’s crooked claws

Wild imagination

A cruelly tortured mind
Vexed visions of vulnerability

Perpetrator’s presence panics

Malicious merciless murderers
Helpless harmless humans

Sleepless snoring

Trapped in terror