Deep cracks split my screen
Spiderweb streaks with rainbow bands
Flashing cursor hovering hands
Type a wordless dream

Rolling rumbling wash
Spurting spraying with the rhythmic beeps
Tick and creak as the house speaks
Sudden gusts rush push

Bubbling Beery belch
Stomach's creaks of indigestion
Bitter liquid's mouth connection
Dark brown leather couch

Plucked tissue paper
Forced expulsion nasal gust
Dim glowing of hearth's fiery rust
Eyelid visions caper

Grasp another log
Clanging the fire door bangs shut
Gasp of air fire licks the cut
Words creap from mind's fog

Muted rumble and pop
Flames dance wild and crazy
Air draws quick lifted eyes lazy
Crushed cushions prop

Noisy calmness oozes
Stretched out in comfort reclined
Restless writing the mood defined
Author swills sips boozes

Snap crack cans tab detached
Fiddled twiddled with sharp metal
Twixt lips press deep stare settles
Font dries as well is matched


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